Oct 1, 2017

Troubleshooting ColdFusion Server Outages with Unresponsive Server Alert

When I am working on a ColdFusion server issue that can't be easily identified I will define an Unresponsive Server Alert which also creates a stacktrace and is then emailed.

1. Open your ColdFusion Administrator
2. Open the Server Monitor
3. Go to the Alerts Tab
4. Select the Alert Configuration
5. Define the Alert as shown below.

Use 1 for server hung count as we are trying to capture the issue as soon as possible.  I will usually set it to 30 seconds but your time can vary based on the issue.

Important Note: In order to actually get a stack trace you need to have Monitoring turned on.
You do not need Profiling or Memory Tracking turned on.  In fact you should never turn on Memory Tracking in production.

Your top bar should look like the below.

Once you start to receive the stack traces you can start to identify patterns and hopefully get the issue solved. 

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