Sep 13, 2016

Another viewpoint into ColdFusion RIAFORGE Projects

Here is something I have wanted to do for awhile, an explorer tool for all the ColdFusion Projects on  Over the last few weeks I have categorize the 980 some ColdFusion projects inside RIAFORGE to make it easier for newer ColdFusion customers to see the extensive amount of pre-built ColdFusion code that exists.
The explorer tool can be found here:
<a href="" target="_new" ></a>
As I went thru all the projects I was finding all kinds of great APIs and tools that I will definitely be looking at in the future, and I hope that it will provide you with that same experience.
This tool is simply meant to be an easy way to see projects by category and for you to find projects you might not have found otherwise. If anyone remembers the old Allaire CF Exchange, it was organized by category in a similar fashion as well.
This is not meant to replace search,  by all mean use it for keyword searches, this is just a fun way to explore ColdFusion projects.
I am just getting started and I will be refining categories and adding features to this explorer as time allows.  Please contact me if you have other ideas or feedback.  I have several features I want to add over the next few months.
I also want to give thanks to a cool javascript layout tool called Isotope, which gave the me the look and feel for the page.  For more info on Isotope check out: <a href="">Metafizzy</a>

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